Amazon's EC2 service offers a number of Linux and Home windows OS options, however i haven't found something offering an identical "rent on an hourly basisInch service for any remote Mac OS X virtual machine. Does this type of service exist? (iCloud looks to become only a data storage service, as opposed to a service permitting remote login, etc.)

This type of virtual machine service could be very helpful for testing software inside a reproducible, "neutral" location.

Update 1: Simply to be obvious, I am mentioning to services much like EC2's on-demand or place instances, in which the machine (or virtual machine) is leased each hour, instead of typical website hosting services which involve a monthly subscription. As @Erik has stated, you will find several good options for your route. As my looks for queries for OS X hosting with terms like "each hourInch or "hourly rates" are arriving hardly any (essentially, just labor costs for hourly repairs), I'm inclined to think this does not exist for whatever reason. Whether it did, it appears reasonable that this type of firm would advertise for precisely these queries.

Update 2: I observe that this gets lots of sights with time. If a person encounters a general change in the problem, i.e. there is a provider of these services, please publish and that i need that answer rather.

Amazon . com EC2 cannot offer Mac OS X EC2 instances because of Apple's tight certification to simply let it legally operate on Apple hardware and also the current EC2 infrastructure relies on virtualized hardware.

Apple Mac image on Amazon . com EC2?

Are you able to run OS X with an Amazon . com EC2 instance?

You will find others that provide Mac OS X hosting, most probably on Apple hardware. An example is Go Dad:

Go Dad Product Catalog (see Mac® Powered Cloud Servers under Website Hosting)

To locate more, look for "Mac OS X hosting" and you will find more options.