Hope my question doesn't pose as too wide. And So I attempt to frame my question not not to become similar solutions towards the question of this.

Presently I've deploy my rails application on Linode. The service works fine, the cost is affordable. But you will find individuals giving works day to day. I possibly could do without individuals. Lately I began to want to consider other rails hosting services like Heroku or EngineYard, and you will find others too. The help they are able to provide appear in my experience to become fascinating. They promise to free us from administration things. Ok, I cannot maybe pick the database, however i may have a database which functions just like a database, or might have schema-free DBs, or cluster. Basically don't actually want to worry about the particulars and merely want services essential for provision of my service than I ought to not bother. But.. I'm searching for buts and most likely you will find some points to consider. I've found selecting the best infrastructure for that rails application (or any application) is vital. This stuff come in my opinion regarding selecting the best infrastructure or even the infrastructure provider:

  • simplicity to deploy
  • prices - I see huge two models here. Having to pay after processing energy (EngineYard) or having to pay for machine configuration (Heroku)? When, which model is applicable better?
  • migration - how simple could it be emigrate the rails application and also the data in one provider to a different.
  • additional services - like Heroku provides WebSolr, or monitoring from the rails application. May be may be crucial or at best helpful.

Which situations are essential to consider when I wish to pick the - either my private, leased or perhaps a mixture - infrastructure? Can there be any comparison of those reasons for the rails hosting services? What are the sources to learn to have the ability to better decide any design when, what type of model is applicable the very best?

Hope my question doesn't pose too wide, and may be clarified about this forum inside a reasonable boundary. I must discover the way how you can design the best cocktail of non-public infrastructure, VPS and rails hosting services. Thank you for suggestions.

I've looked hard at Heroku and could rely on them later on. The greatest benefits are...

  1. They get rid of the time price of system administration.

  2. You are able to instantly increase processing energy and storage as needed.

I made the decision not to choose Heroku for the time being because I want full text search and I wish to use Sphinx, not WebSolr. Also, should you take a look at their description from the WebSolr service, viewers it's type of costly for something that's "in beta." And also at this time around they merely index as much as 10,000 documents. That rules it for my application.

You can put your application on Heroku along with other pieces -- database, search -- elsewhere, but that defeats the reason. Should you choose that, you're to as being a sysadmin and when you'll need more energy/memory/storage you will need to handle it.

Heroku might be great if everything your application needs is on Heroku. Then your potential simplification and time savings might be huge. Basically were built with a different type of application with various needs I'd check it out.