I've been reading through up a great deal on cloud hosting and just how AWS rocks !. Also this Pros &lifier Cons of Google Application Engine. Personally i think the above mentioned is fairly outdated. I've been implementing a great deal on AppEngine and also have had the very best experience I possibly could have experienced. Now If only to setup a social networking on AppEngine but everybody is from this decision and wish me to consider rackspace and AWS.

Hence I needed to be aware what type of problems I'm able to be prepared to face basically stay with AppEngine and do you know the benefits of its rivals?

I believe the greatest trouble with Application Engine is, that technology will dictate your solution, rather than your solution dictating the technologies to make use of.

Also, if you possess the model determined, I recommend to give it a try with sample data. Setup a prototpye which put some data within the datastore and find out how get, put and query procedures perform on that model and just how much storage is consumed (if you are using list qualities to keep buddies for instance, you may be set for an unexpected, when customers have large lists).

Also, consider the normal profile of the user that you'd anticipate, making some back-of-the envelope calculation what that will mean when it comes to quota consumption (storage, bandwidth, mails etc.), keeping the lately introduced cost structure in your mind.

Firstly you should try to create a "friend web". There's a wide open source that able to perform this, but as lengthy when i remember, you cannot place the jar inside Google Applications Engine since it spawns a brand new thread. I didn't remember the title from the project.

However you might want to study from SocialWok given that they already produce a social networking on top of Google Applications Engine. SocialWok Link