I am searching for the very best hosting selection for a Grails application, my needs are:

  • Low quantity of demands and storage (to begin with likely only 100s of demands daily)
  • Easy deployment and configuration (I wish to focus on development and never setup and admin tasks)
  • Inexpensive

I have looked into the next:

  • Amazon . com EC2 and CloudFoundry look great (I acquired the sample application ready to go in ten minutes) however the costs are high ($60 monthly) The EC2 micro instance looks more promising but is not on CloudFoundry.
  • VMForce also looks interesting however i can't see particulars of prices and it is unavailable yet.
  • rackspacecloud looks more promising particularly with this tutorial: world wide web.lazygun.internet/implementing-a-grails-application-to-rackspace-cloud-ser

Does anybody have other suggestions?

I love EnjoyVPS: http://world wide web.enjoyvps.com/unmanaged-linux-openvz-vps/

I have used a little Grails application while using 512MB plan that is only $10/month but you may want the 1GB selection for $20/month. It isn't as easy as EC2 but pretty really pretty good whatsoever. Just choose a distro (for limited ram it is best to opt for a 32-bit OS), unpack Tomcat to /usr/local and deploy your Grails war to /usr/local/tomcat/webapps.

You could attempt Google Application Engine - free for pretty large applications, restricted by various quotas.

By detault the application can be obtained using your-application.appspot.com also it appears like you should utilize Google Applications to suggest your personal domain title in the instance. The conventional version of this appears to become free now, though.

GAE provides you with an information store that is utilized through JDO or JPA, which means you will not be utilising Hibernate on the relational database. For your along with other reasons it requires a wordpress plugin to obtain Grails running: http://world wide web.grails.org/wordpress plugin/application-engine

Persistence reacts slightly in a different way towards the standard Grails/Hibernate stack, to ensure that might not suit you - take a look in the wordpress plugin documenation.

http://world wide web.cloudbees.com/ and http://world wide web.serverloft.p/cloud/ look very promising. A minimum of, it appears that you could easily obtain a located tomcat having a DB into that you just drop your Grails .war-File.

I handled to deploy a Grails application inside a VPS with 512MB of memory but which was quite precarious and unsuccessful every once in awhile. Now I´m inside a devoted server account with 1G and works perfectly. I simply use Tomcat as web server

Amazon's new Elastic Beanstalk also looks quite interesting. It features a base price of 37USD

Elastic Beanstalk instantly handles the deployment particulars of capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and application health monitoring using existing Amazon . com web services (eg EC2 and S3)

world wide web.Cloudfoundry.com, beta now.