This can be a question for the majority of the DBA's / Information experts at product level. I want the answer as a variety of databases as you possibly can. So please supply the particulars from the replication techniques used. For e.g:

  • Database: Oracle 11i
  • Replication method: Oracle ODI-EE with GoldenGate
  • Pros: Could be integrated with any databases, etc
  • Cons: Can't be integrated with the and thus databases, another generic problems

Some might have been using Trigger based or Custom PL-SQL based solutions. Please specify the issues you have for the reason that scenario.

I'm not only searching for CDC solutions, so do not restrict to the CDC based solutions.

I attempted trying to find the answer and may not have any consolidated answer, so if this sounds like a current question, please share the hyperlink and you can close this.

Thanks ahead of time.