do you know the distinction between InnoDB and MyISAM. Which I might opt for? any places that one provides along with other doesnot provide? Can there be any technological restrictions most of the both types? Help me to find the right type for my project?

You will find several variations, but the most crucial I'm able to consider are :

  • InnoDB is really a transactionnal engine -- i.e. it supports transactions
  • InnoDB supports foreign secrets
  • MyISAM only does lock while dining level -- InnoDB does locks in the row level

The wikipedia entry on InnoDB lists a few if variations -- most of which I did not spoke about -)

And you may be inquisitive about the Chapter 13. Storage Engines portion of the MySQL manual, that is most likely not necessarily a bad reference, if this involves InnoDB and MyISAM.
Especially, I'd say :

The MySQL Docs give a nice run-lower and employ cases. The storage engine you select will rely on what you're utilizing it for.

The biggest difference is the fact that innodb supports Acidity compliant transactions and row level securing.

Another essential difference: to date, MyISAM supports fulltext search, but InnoDB doesn't. So if you wish to possess a search index effective over text posts, make use of MyISAM or hack around.