I have heard about ASP.Internet put together DLLs which only creates Home windows Server, but I must determine if you will find every other put together server side languages?, possibly even ones for Apache server?

Installing of the runtime should not be considered a problem because I'll have physical accessibility Unix/Home windows servers, but when it's a CGI wordpress plugin its an additional benefit since i have can do the installation only using FTP.

Java could be in the mind from the listing of put together languages to be used with Apache - especially when you are getting from Home windows.

Also, you should use ASP.Internet on non-Home windows platforms with Mono.

You are able to run ASP.Internet using Mono and it is mod_mono for Apache

The word "put together language" does not make sense at all. A language is not put together. A language is not construed. A language just is.

Whether a specific implementation utilizes a compiler or perhaps an interpreter is really a trait from the implementation and it has nothing related to the word what. Indeed, every language could be implemented with either an interpreter or perhaps a compiler. Actually, the huge most of modern language implementations (CPython, Perl, PHP, YARV, IronRuby, HotSpot, Mono, CLR, TraceMonkey and so forth) use both an interpreter and a compiler. HotSpot for instance constantly switches between compiler and interpreter based on that is faster.

So, to reply to your question: every language that may access atmosphere variables, read text from stdin and write text to stdout may be used with CGI and therefore Apache (and even virtually every webserver in the world). And every language could be put together. Therefore, every language may be used in the manner you describe.

PHP is put together at runtime much like ASP.Internet. Or if you wish to go ahead and take extra step use a PHP compiler to pre-compile your PHP (additionally a capacity of ASP.Internet).

PHP isn't as enjoyable to utilize as ASP.Internet for me, but when I were limited to Linux it might most likely be my option for its speed, overall recognition and support.

JSP with Tomcat