Where i start to work, they're utilizing a Remote Desktop Conection, to transfer files and manage the server, but that appears in my experience really insecure and a great way to cause errors and take lower the apache/php/mysql stack.

I had been suggesting FTP to transfer files more easyly (and secure in comparison towards the other) but began reading through about php deployment. It appears pretty easy on Linux, but on home windows i havent discovered wich is the easiest method to get it done..

To date i believe git around the server, and comit into it in the developer is my best shot, but how about database deployment?

Phing/jenkins/capistrano appear excessively complex.. and can try if everyone think is nice

While MSRDP isn't the most dependable protocol around, its a really lengthy way aead of FTP.

FTP is inherently insecure - it transmits passwords as obvious text. It is also a PITA to handle across a stateful firewall even where one can ensure consistent PASV behavior.

Nevertheless, you do require a way of transfering files which may be scripted / automated.

I'd return and also have a lengthy hard consider the available deployment tools - I can not discuss how good another items match up against phing, only getting used the second - however mostly I have used stuff coded in house.

Since you should be utilising a version control system - I'd recommend thinking about utilizing it as the file delivery mechanism too.

The approach I'm using is database migration scripts. They appear such as this


I've got a script which sequentially executes them and produces *.ok apply for each whether it's effective. *.sql files contain "alter" claims and therefore are saved in Git. The .ok files aren't saved, if you distribute changes, you have to imprint only individuals without .ok files.

I personally use this file: https://github.com/atk4/atk4/blob/master/tools/update.sh

but as you are in MS atmosphere, you will need to behave different.