I understand that in pure object-oriented languages like Java it always is sensible to make use of ORMs like Hibernate. But what can I actually do when writing a CRUD-type functionality in Clojure or Common LISP?

Passing around SQL because the first-order functions? But is not getting SQL in HTML-producing code very ugly?



Common Lisp isn't a self-purposely FP language. Clojure can only use Hibernate.

For Common Lisp: databases. Here is a persistent object one. And here is part one of the tutorial that utilizes it with Hutchentoot, a CL webserver and dynamic web page toolkit. SQL in CL look such as this (which looks more than it truly is, since the SQL is flat formatted and also the CL is not). And when you want, this person is focusing on an internet framework (using CLSQL and Elephant, already linked-to) that is aimed at tersity, with track of the arc challenge.

EDIT: a current answer grows about this.

an alternate group of Common Lisp tools is referred to in another answer