What techniques do people generally use for uploading, storing and showing images having a Content management systems?

Would you store them within the database or around the file system?

Would you generate pictures on upload? Or quickly, maybe cache them for reuse? Or depend on browser scaling?

Typically, most cms will store images the particular data of image uploads towards the file systems after which give a connect to the file inside the database. Pictures may either be produced on upload or on first request (quickly is recognized as inefficient, especially because of the low cost of storage). Browser scaling is an awful idea (images might be submitted as multi megabyte uncompressed files) but is performed by some systems.

to be sure with kevin. i can not think about any content management systems that does not store within the file system. then only problem that pops up with this way is if you're thinking about clustering multiple web servers to operate your content management systems. if thats the situation then you've to intend on it and be capable of point all of the web servers towards the same file storage location.

the strategy ive employed for years is on upload, re-size the look to something simple for the net, then create the thumbnail, then write these to the file system and record the pointer within the database.

when the site has become a site you will want serve the pictures from cache servers because file systems are extremely slow compared to network IO. take facebook for instance, they've vast amounts of images on their own site and last i heard 80% were locked in cache servers all over the world in ram. the file storage array they've seems a backup towards the cache servers.