I understand that Open Office Database utilizes a java database after sales. Does anybody have insight how this even compares to the Jet Database Engine?

Is also the query designer/confirming as robust as MS Access?

It's odd that i can say this, because I am not keen on Access whatsoever. However, I believe Access is really the better product here, for several reasons:

  • It has been around considerably longer (maturity)
  • The core db engine is incorporated with home windows.
  • There's an easily distributable runtime in case your customers don't curently have Access and you have to distribute a credit card applicatoin.
  • Through the years it's had enough people use it for things it isn't made to do (internet sites, workgroups) that they have put enough work into performance and concurrency therefore the two newer incarnations (2003, 2007) are really very robust if you are doing something it is made to do (desktop crud application, speaking to linked sql server tables, really small workgroup). (I suppose this is actually just like the very first point)

However, there is nothing wrong using the OpenOffice DB, and it is free.