Do you know the pros and cons for self-hosting something similar to a svn repository? All links and concepts are appreciated.

Off the top my mind:

Benefits of Self-hosting

  • Versatility. By myself machine I'm able to install whatever I'd like. If I must make use of a vcs like Bazaar and employ Loggerhead rather than Trac, then at this time there is not really many options beyond Launchpad, that has its hpv warts
  • Cut costs. Costs accumulate with time specifically for large teams
  • The free plans provided by sites like Assembla aren't private. Anyone can get access to your code

Benefits of Compensated hosting (ie: GitHub, Assembla, Google Code)

  • Robustness. You don't have to be worried about your server catching fire since it is become somebody else's problem.
  • Less hassle. Don't have to be do all of the system administration and fine-tuning of conf files. Rather you are able to just target the coding

For production you need to just use self hosting if you're professional sys admin. Are you able to answer yes to following questions (a little linux oriented, but you need to get a concept):

  • Are you able to respond to system failure within a few minutes (I am talking about you'll need sleep a minimum of. Have you got somebody to take care of system when you are asleep?)
  • Are you able to place something break?
  • Are you able to remove exploits out of your system?
  • Are you able to recompile kernel. If you cannot remove exploits?
  • Are you able to configure the machine for optimal performance?
  • Are you prepared to purchase UPS, backup storage and alternative internet provider?

If you're able to answer yes to those questions benefits are extremely atractive and that i would opt for it.

However hosting development atmosphere could be handled by administrator associated with a level particularly when you will find such simple to use servers like Ubuntu.

You particularly requested about hosting a subversion repository, therefore the first disadvantage that involves thoughts are data protection. Personally, i would not trust another-party with my source code, aside from free code or code of the trivial side project. Source code is really a extremely important resource for any ISV, so having faith in another-party to safeguard your source code does not seem like advisable.

And even when it isn't about source code, outsourcing other critical areas of you business for example email, accounting/invoicing* is simply requesting trouble. And it is nothing like it's not necessary to worry about backup copies any longer whenever you delegate your computer data hosting. You still should backup your computer data, just in case the webhost screws up.

*) With outsourcing accounting/invoicing I am talking about all individuals new located invoicing applications, not receiving the aid of a cpa obviously

I've found the net interface of exterior hosts to become problems. Plus you could have however much space you would like in your machine. As if you stated, the constant maintenance could be a burden for self hosting though.

How large is the project? If it's not too large just have an account at http://world wide That's things i did. I don't have to be worried about any configurations and may target the actual development. If you are more complicated self-hosting may be worth thinking about. But bear in mind that you would need to take of backup copies too which an update from the server screw several things up.

This ties in to the server catching fire, but one key benefit of exterior hosting is the fact that it's (most probably) supported instantly. Doing all of your own backup copies is really a hassle, and eventually ends up being less reliable than you'd get from Google.

With self-hosting there comes great responsibility.

  • you need to backup everything
  • you'll need spareparts for the hardware
  • for those who have stuff that's important you'll need redundant hardware
  • you do not have real holidays. if something breaks you need to repair it