At work (a multi-big manufaturing company having a 12 person Home windows team of developers) we're going to visit a single master database for those new programs and can get it split up with schemas for which we would have experienced databases for before. You'll also have a couple of common schemas with things like worker directory and branch directory and so forth...

I am still unsure the way i experience this move, but we are going to possess a meeting about this inside a couple of hrs to go over pros, cons, guidelines, issues and so forth... so I am searching for your ideas about this... Could it be good? Could it be bad? What troubles are we likely to encounter annually from now?

Any ideas, tips, or advice is welcome. Thanks

EDIT In reaction to some discuss this, we're using SQL Server 2005 and that we are really speaking about moving what could have been seperate databases on a single instance right into a single database. The driving problem may be the complete insufficient referential integrity accross databases since most of our programs need use of common data for example an worker record, or branch information.

UPDATE Several people asked for which i update this using the is a result of our meeting so here you go. We debated backwards and forwards the benefits and drawbacks to do this (I even demonstrated them this while using projector) and when i was done we'd virtually covered the benefits and drawbacks covered here. About 50 % people thought we're able to take action using the right assets and commitment, contributing to half thought we could not get it done (or it wouldn't exercise well). We made the decision to make use of a while with Microsoft to have their ideas and platform specific advice. I'll be certain to update this and my blog after we have spoken for them. Thanks for the help and useful solutions.