Must I default my web site to world wide web.foo or otherwise?

To become quite honest, I am ignorant in regards to what the variations between "http://example.com" and "http://world wide web.example.com" are.

I typically always employ the shorter version, with no "world wide web," just with regard to the space. However I know (think) that there might be cookie conflicts when customers attempt to access a website once they alternate the version they are using. The like all my sites I simply have "http://world wide web.foo.com/bar" rerouted to "http://foo.com/bar". But can there be almost anything to be stated about while using "world wide web"?

world wide web is simply a subdomain like every other. There is nothing naturally special about this. When the majority of the interaction using the Internet was services apart from HTTP, it made sense to achieve the HTTP traffic make use of a specific subdomain. Nowadays, the huge most of domains exist only to offer HTTP traffic, therefore the distinction is unnecessary. I believe it's generally preferred to make use of the "shorter version" while you refer to it as, and redirect world wide web towards the primary domain.

The world wide web subdomain is really a memory from the old occasions whenever you had an ftp subdomain for that FTP server and so forth. You will find no good reasons to ensure that it stays. Many serious sites, including stackoverflow.com here even redirect world wide web.site.com to site.com.

Simply make the World wide web a CNAME for that domain and direct all visitors to the domain title

world wide web is really a subdomain and was typically accustomed to separate an internet server using their company servers running on a single domain. Other subdomains may be used like ftp or irc.

I'm people still utilize it simply to keep "compatible" and since many people online think that world wide web is really area of the domain title itself.

Yes, there might be cookie conflicts, and I have seen this numerous occasions on web forums.

Regarding the advisability of either approach, I can not really let you know that certain is preferable to another, however i Know that (considering these cookie problem), you need to accept both but have one of these redirect towards the other to ensure that all URL's are likely to make use of the same format.