I've been designated to create an ERP system for any small enterprise with Object oriented PHP.I've already designed the database for your.

Formerly I've designed some web programs but not used at all Object oriented programming.
I've the next doubts.

  1. I understand the documentation of the project matters a great deal, but don't be aware of procedure to achieve that.

  2. Unsure which architecture to follow along with like MVC or 3-tier etc.

  3. Significance of UML within the project and just how to create it in the database or even the classes and objects.

  4. How you can map the database to classes and objects.

I've already designed the database for that project ,although not sure what direction to go further.

You've already produced the database, however, you haven't recorded the project? My pal, you're in for an enormous amount of discomfort.

Documentation for that project, including an finish-user-readable functional specs with complete managing sign-off is critical. (Even when you are following an Agile process and there is no Large Design In Advance specs!) While each element of an ERP product is pretty straight-forward, the workflows from the customers will be important to understand before writing any code. Failure to obtain user buy-in and managing sign-off for any component will kill any project and/or allow it to be an utter failure after rollout.

It is extremely entirely possible that the present user workflow is either ad-hoc or poorly recorded... or worse, there is no process and it is just people working individually without any knowledge of the general flow of informationOrcashOrstockOrwhat ever through the relaxation from the organization. While it isn't your responsibility to extract a workflow from people, it will become your responsibility to make sure that workflow is produced which the application follows it. If you are the kind to make use of UML, here's where it might shine. Keep in mind that UML is simply a tool within the toolbox, and you will find lots of different ways to represent user interaction within a process.

I provide you with these tips from general observations. I am a full-time PHP developer, and initially my project is my employer's home-grown PHP-based ERP/Content management systems/CRM system. Neglecting to understand process before coding leads to poor tools. Neglecting to ensure there is a procedure before coding leads to poor tools. Neglecting to get both user and managing buy-in leads to poor user satisfaction, which will hurt your status and also the project.

You've labeled this like a PHP question. MVC having a modern PHP framework will probably be smart. I type of like Zend Framework, however, many others recommend CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, Kohana and Lithium. Evaluate a couple of, making a minumum of one choice. Many modern frameworks are loosely-combined and may work nicely together. I realize that ZF and Symfony can produce a rugged pair.

For the mapping of database tables to classes and objects, always bear in mind the "M" in MVC -- the Models. Models have the effect of that contains business logic and the attached data. Your Models ought to be the parts accountable for dealing with the database. The frameworks I have pointed out include many tools making it simple to build helpful, correct, extensible models using a number of techniques and designs. Again, evaluate your available framework options and just how they like building their Models to locate a solution which will work nicely for you personally.