I am considering Doctrine as my ORM to have an approaching CodeIgniter project. I have not used at all an ORM before, but according to things i read to date, it is a great factor. So, Let me get my hands inside it.


  1. Inside your experience, do you know the advantages of Doctrine?
  2. I observed will be able to identify certain tables to incorporate created_at and updated_at posts. How advantageous could it be to understand whenever a record was produced and last up-to-date? Must I do that for those my tables?


I've not personally used Doctrine, but happen to be told it really works well. My understanding is it requires a lot of setup, and works like magic next.

The ORM I typically use with CodeIgniter is known as DataMapper ORM, the industry native CodeIgniter solution. Installation is straightforward (copying a few files), establishing models is stupidly easy, the tables are pretty straight forward, also it uses the present application's database configurations. For the miracle with no setup, I'd recommend DataMapper.

Regarding using created_at and updated_at posts, only add individuals posts when you really need to trace that anyway, like a blog publish or perhaps a system user. Indicating individuals posts allows the ORM handle individuals fields, so you don't have to, so if you create or update objects produced in the database, individuals fields are up-to-date instantly.