There exists a domain title with two letters inside it. This can be a trouble with IE, for those versions.

However , whenever we set document.domain="xx.yy" we obtain an "invalid argument" exception.

Does anybody possess a solution or perhaps an idea regarding how to deal with this bug?

Regards, Tobias

You will find restrictions on which domain names can be used a shared parent domain for mix-document scripting and cookie discussing.

This really is deliberate: otherwise, and could act included in the same site Browsers don't wish to allow this, for security and privacy reasons.

However , the DNS system does not come with an official method to condition that is really a registry-allotted domain to which separate organisations live, but is really a single organisation. This really is even harder occasionally, like .jp that has both direct organisation subdomains and registry-allotted subdomains like

So browsers have internal rules of the items domain names ought to be taken as ‘public’ and should not be permitted to talk about scripting/qualifications context, which rules need to be up-to-date when you will find new TLDs and SLDs. Older browsers might not recognise more recent domain names.

Some browsers place their information in the Public Suffix List, though not IE. IE would seem to be while using heuristic that, for any TLD it does not learn about and also have a special-situation for, a couple-letter subdomain xx.yy will probably be a public domain (like, or whatever) and should not be permitted to do something like a shared parent domain. This can be a reasonable guess, IMO: easier to ‘fail safe’.

I do not think you are likely to have the ability to circumvent it. What exactly are you attempting to do, might there be one other way around? Are you able to invest the mix-subdomain scripting stuff inside a sub-subdomain?