I've got a strange problem. I've got a jQuery document.ready function performing some script around the page. After I was testing it through opening the file with opera/opera it labored. After I submitted it towards the server (I attempted both home apache and my hosting that is shared) it only works once in 10 loads maybe.

What is the issue?

Thanks in advance


This is actually the code. It configures the right size side sections based on central panel.

    <script type="text/javascript">
		  	// Get natural heights
		  	var cHeight = $("#content").height();	
		  	var nHeight = $("#left").height() - $("#footer").height() - $("#header").height() - 10;	

		 	// Assign maximum height to all columns

Check you have no JS syntax errors first (firebug or just the mistake console).

Otherwise have you thought about just placing a simple alert within the ready function. In the event that still fails you realize its something related to the JQuery library itself (unlikely).

Should you consistently get alerts you realize its an issue with your personal code. Further assist with that will need sight of the code.