I researched a little without any luck. I am wondering if your tool is available that enables a person to paste inside a chunk of valid JSON, click some of its elements, and obtain came back the id (path) to that particular element. I favor whether web application, a Chrome extension, or perhaps a OSX or X11 application. Home windows could be last measure as I'd need to run it under Crossover. I possibly could also employ a Opera extension though I'd prefer Chrome.

The applying works like so, basically copied and pasted in:


and clicked on on 'Sally', it might return: employees.sales[].firstName

You will find some similar tools for XML that I have mucked around with through the years on various platforms. Anybody know contrary such as this is available for JSON?

Type of responding to my very own question here, I simply found that can be done this in a little of the roundabout way while using Firebug Addon for Opera. Should you let the Internet tab, after which see the JSON data, then right-click on the element and select "Browse in Dom Tab", after that you can right-click a component and select "Copy Path."

I'll keep poking around and find out basically will find anything for Chrome, etc.

EDIT: up-to-date instructions for Firebug.