I am learning python/django, these were installed on my pc and all sorts of the good examples run fine. My real question is: If your webhosting service supports python (2.4), does the webhosting service supports django automatically?

Thanks men.

You should use Google Application Engine, that is free and includes Django.

Yes, but when they merely support Python via CGI your application can be really, very slow. Best is WSGI, then FastCGI, then mod_python.

Not always.Many website hosting companies(shared) claim that they can offer django but this can be a large lie.Just to illustrate,a2hosting states have django try not to offer itits disallowed.I attempted to compile my very own python and install django and discovered that that path can also be closed.

Django is memory intensive and can only focus on vps and devoted accounts.Web faction though may be the only hosting company that wont lie, however.

Try Fornex VPS. https://fornex.com/vds/
I personally use it and like greatly. Month payment begins from 5 pounds. And you will install apache 2 + wsgi.