Lately I've been reading through a little about Teiid:

Teiid is really a data virtualization system that enables programs to make use of data from multiple, heterogenous data stores.

Teiid is composed of tools, components and services for creating and performing bi-directional data services. Through abstraction and federation, information is utilized and integrated in tangible-time across distributed data sources without copying or else moving data from the system of record.

It appears quite interesting, and may potentially remove a reasonable quantity of complexity from some programs inside my workplace.

However, it appears pretty new, and I have not heard about it until lately, so I'm wondering:

Does anybody have firsthand knowledge about Teiid?

Would you discuss how effective / stable / performant Teiid is? According to your experience, could it be ready for prime time?

Teiid really does perform the things stated on the internet site. Quick history...

MetaMatrix would be a company--and product--which was around because the late 1990's. The MetaMatrix method is utilized by companies plus some government departments. Combined with a lot of success and satisfaction.

In 2007, Red-colored Hat acquired MetaMatrix. An objective ended up being to alter the MetaMatrix product from the proprietary product to spread out source. Teiid may be the result. (It is the community version.)

While Teiid is totally new (transforming from proprietary to spread out source isn't for that average person), it's been around for a long time. So, if you are interesting in trying Teiid to ascertain if it's suitable for your circumstances, download it and try it out! Should you encounter problems, make use of the forums. We'll gladly help.

(I have been area of the MetaMatrix/Teiid team since 2001.)

I have just were built with a have fun with Teiid and incredibly rapidly could integrate it with Pentaho and operate a federated query over Oracle and Sales force webservice.

At this time it appears amazing. However havent got indepth in it yet. But potentially for all of us it'll let us expose our sales force data to adhoc confirming customers, in addition to being in a position to provide more potent reviews, without needing to sync the information across into Oracle. Fantastic!

Should you choose view it, I strongly reccomend while using 6.1 versions that are going to be launched because they fix lots of usability issues. I have recorded my findings around the Pentaho wiki.