Another question on SO all of a sudden got me wondering exactly what the biggest database on the planet is (and just how large it may be). A fast Search switched up this: the NSA call database, produced through the U.S. National Security Agency. Allegedly this database consists of over 1.9 trillion records that contains particulars relevant to telephone calls placed through AT&T and Verizon from dating back to 2001.

Does anybody have idea what type of DB system was adopted with this database? 1.9 trillion records appears in my experience like greater than even your typical large-scale commercial databases might have. But maybe I am wrong. I additionally did not research this extensively at all, so possibly the declare that the NSA call database may be the greatest on the planet is flat-out false.

Still, I am interested to be aware what type of DBMS, if any, could reasonably cope with this many records.

1.9 trillion rows increased by, say, 8000 bytes/row is, ummm, 15 petabytes? Did I actually do that arithmetic right? That's only one order of magnitude larger than several well-known business databases. Searching "petabyte databases" provided

  • ebay: one 2+ petabyte data warehouse and something 6+ petabyte data warehouse (2009)
  • facebook: 2+ petabyte data warehouse (2010)
  • Walmart: 2+ petabyte data warehouse (2010)
  • Bank of America: 1+ petabyte data warehouse (2010)
  • Dell: 1+ petabyte data warehouse (2010)

1.9 trillion rows are often (cough) row-addressable in the plethora of a 64-bit unsigned int.

Physicists and astronomers appear to achieve the greatest targets. Stanford must manage about 155 petabytes of information for his or her Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. An astronomy project lower the road from me creates about 10 petabytes each day, however they don't store nearly much.

Heck, I almost didn't remember the purpose of the question. Greenplum and Teradata turned up probably the most frequently. However I don't believe anyone who knows exactly what the NSA really uses will discuss it.

@Tomislav Nakic-Alfirevic: An awk program to print every 1000th line:

NR % 1000 == 0 {print $0}

Do you consider the NSA would pay me for your? The house requires a new roof.