I had been lately thinking about using GoogleData for any hobby project to keep my service's old data, (say 24+hrs old), as i keep your fresh data on my small servers (hobby project==cheap home server).

However haven't really heard about anybody using GoogleData, so I'm wondering by what other peoples encounters happen to be.

Edit: My brief usage pattern is always to essentially store (cached versions) of objects representing (historic) organizations. And relatively immutable data like past occasions or these organizations, global prototype data my objects (also relatively immutable), to be able to lessen the strain on my server.

For active organizations I'd be storing changes in your area after which posting these to GooglData (after 24 hrs).


Used to do use GoogleData to keep data frokm among my project known as TaskList. I personally use google spreadsheet particularly. The correct answer is hard to begin with, but from google's sample, you are able to confident knows how to proceed next. Used to do that in C#. Here's the sample applications and sdk for google-gdata. My advice, think before to see the internet documentation about gdata, it explain a great deal around the underlying xml structure and approach to access each level (private versus public) data. You must have a google account to begin with. How a information is read and written is very odd evaluating to straightforward SQL or dataset. But being an overall, the API is well design and just about everything is taken care off. Do try it out.

PS: Without doubt it's a little slow when being able to access with the xml overhead plus lots of redundant marking with gdata.

Because you did not really obtain a acceptable response to this, I would suggest searching at Amazon SimpleDB. It isn't free, but unless of course you are storing millions of records you'll most likely only spend pennies monthly. Like Amazon's other web services, you pay for which you utilize.

SimpleDB is much more generic compared to Google Data services, which might suit a wider selection of programs.

If you do not mind, can you share a couple of particulars on which type of data is going to be saved and just how.

It can help to reply to your question if everyone knows exactly what the character of the application entails.

So, I suppose nobody uses google data apparently.

It will appear nice to keep data you cannot manage to host yourself though. Thus I believe I'll still try it out.

Haven't had time to get at my computer and cleanup the code for posting, but my current solution is to use Yahoo Pipes to obtain my query is a result of Google Data as straight to the browser as JSON rather than XML via a server. And it is all completed with client side Javascript alone, in order to get and employ the information without resorting to a server. However still haven't designed a script to keep data on the internet Data. That's the next phase.

You will find some nice gdata-based applications listed here.

You are able to treat excel spreadsheets like fundamental databases, have a look at this python wrapper and its .net port.