If your user demands a sizable file from an Apache web server, but cancels the download before it completes, is drenched by Apache?

Can One tell in the log file which reactions weren't sent fully, and just how many bytes were sent?

Yes, it logs individuals demands, but you should utilize mod_logio to understand the particular bytes sent, else it'll show the quantity of bytes from the file. And also to know that have unsuccessful you'd need to either:

  • make use of the %X format modifier and employ a custom log format
  • compare the particular bytes sent from the files' dimensions (why can you if you possess the first option :-) )

Yes. Basically remember properly, it'll show the quantity of bytes moved prior to the download was interrupted. You can then exercise the number of bytes must have been sent for your request and compare.

If you are using PHP (because the question was labeled one minute ago), you can most likely perform some kind of response buffer, in which you chunk the file in more compact bits. Begin by exercising the number of portions you have to send, write a log (to db, or even the syslog) to express you've began and when you hit the ultimate chunk, another to express you've finished (or remove the very first).