We're beginning out a brand new project where Sometimes and one thing being spoken about may be the title from the product. The relaxation of the organization appear to put importance around the domain title being offered eg. [product].com. I'm stating that it doesn't matter as [product].[companydomain] or [companydomain]/[product] are every bit as good and therefore are clearly available.

Am I speaking nonsense? It is possible to strong argument for holding a website using the title you would like?

Marketing people do like domain names, since it is cooler to print [product].com on the sales brochure than [something]/[somethingelse]/[product]. Considering the fact that domain names cost something similar to $10/year, it isn't a large deal.

However, in case your brand has already been strong, [strongbrand]/[newproduct] might be much better than [unknownproduct].com. You can even mix the 2 just obtain the new domain, and redirect it for your company's site (or the other way around).

To get at your gmail account do put forth google.com/mail or simply to gmail.com.

Would microsoft.com/xbox 360 be competitive with xbox 360.com?

It does depend massively in your company and also the product you are creating. However, there's lots of impact produced with a product.com domain.

Along with the reasons already pointed out, you need to certainly make certain the domain title can be obtained, otherwise another person will finish up obtaining a part of your traffic. They might want having to pay to redirect it for you, they might sell the domain for any fortune, or they might attempt to sue you for implementing their title...

In whatever way your perception (lost revenue, compensated redirection), you'll lose some cash if another person is the owner of the domain reputation for your products.

Nowadays, we ought to state that a website is really a "doname"... People will find out about your products online, which way to be as "clean" as you possibly can. So make an effort to will have a website for each product, even when you might unite the title from the product together with your general brand...