Does hosting overseas affect search engine optimization, and where performs this leave cloud computing?

Search engine optimization is a little of the dark art and i'm unsure whether it's really worthwhile or otherwise. I'm not sure if anybody who does not work with the search engines like google themselves would have the ability to provide a definitive answer.

Neglecting to request the search engines like google themselves (who're most likely secretive regarding their calculations), if you want to cover this kind of information the very best Search engine optimization companies to request are most likely those rated top on the Search for "Search engine optimization" )

Your primary concern and undoubtedly the greatest affect on search positioning could be content. Top quality, unique and well crafted content will rank you greatest. Often it needs time to work though for the content to soak in to the wider web, so persistence can also be key. Keep creating good consistent completely unique content and it'll eventually climb its in place.

Even when server location does affect positioning (which does not make much sense in my experience), then as cloud computing gets to be more popular and mainstream the search engines like google would change their calculations to bear this in mind.

So nothing to bother with really. Avoid micro optimisations and spend your time and efforts on content.

Google has stated that location from the server is among the factors they will use to find out location determined results. You should use Google Website owner tools to formally declare your specific location which removes all doubts and overrides additional factors. That's friendly to cloud hosting too.

The position of the server is considered by Google in IFF: a) your tdl isn't a country one (so, it Is a com,org,internet and never for instance co.united kingdom or .p) b) In website owner tools, you haven't specified the place of the site.

It isn't really easy to determine in which a server is dependant on IP. Many front-end loadbalancers are geographically redundant, and modern routing methods take into account this.

I doubt that google uses this to find out webserver ranking.