I understand Hostmonster enables Python. Has anybody effectively run Django on the website? Any problems?

I understand it is really an old question, but this is actually the answer: yes, Hostmonster does support Django

See this Hostmonster KB article for particulars, including instructions how to put it together.

http://world wide web.hostmonsterforum.com/showpost.php?p=20003&postcount=7

I attempted the archive the consumer published there, also it labored like no bodies business.

Well, whether it support Python, you may have the ability to run Django utilizing a FastCGI setup, as referred to here: FastCGI Paperwork. Whether it supports mod_python (that we guess it's that which you mean), then sure, you are able to do the installation while using steps right here: ModPython paperwork

Hostmonster uses cPanel (possible with CentOS), much like other host companies. Should you research into cPanel , you may get a answer.

Generally, the reply is "no" since out-of-the-box cPanel doesn't support python 2.5 or mod_wsgi. However it does support Apache2, therefore it is entirely possible that hostmonster can use mod_wsgi to operate sites constructed with Django.