I wish to distribute an application that utilizes "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4." and .Internet 4.. I already found a means for my installer to download .Internet 4. if needed. Among the finest to understand if the will instantly download "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4." or will i should also discover a method to download it alone. If so, just what should i download and install around the user machine? (I am using Inno Setup to produce my installer). I do not use ClickOnce because I wish to make an stand alone .exe.

No, .Internet 4. doesn't include Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.

You are able to download the Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4. installer came from here: How to obtain the latest service pack for the Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine

I am not 100% of the but OLEDB should are available in separate setup. You are able to download installer from


Update, If you'd like to bundle together with your installer then you've related to WIX http://wix.sourceforge.net/ , It's XML base project you might want to make use of the Votive (Versus.Internet Plug-In) - http://wix.sourceforge.net/votive.html

/* WiX Script */

<Property Id="QtExecCmdLine" Value="AccessDatabaseEngine.exe"/>
<CustomAction Id="InstallOLEDB" BinaryKey="WixCA" DllEntry="CAQuietExec" Execute="immediate" Return="check" />

  <Custom Action="InstallOLEDB" After="..." />

For more information of WiX and finest spot to get start at http://www.tramontana.co.hu/wix/

You'd want this script for the Inno Setup:


   jet4sp8_title=Jet 4

   en.jet4sp8_size=3.7 MB
   de.jet4sp8_size=3,7 MB

    jet4sp8_url = 'http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/3/9/4393c9ac-e69e-458d-9f6d-2fe191c51469/Jet40SP8_9xNT.exe';

  procedure jet4sp8(MinVersion: string);
    //check for Jet4 Service Pack 8 installation
    if fileversion(ExpandConstant('{sys}{\}msjet40.dll')) < MinVersion then
            '/q:a /c:"install /qb /l"',

I suppose guess what happens related to the code so I'll make you into it!

Best Of Luck!