I've got a large site of mostly static content, and that i have entertained moving to Google Application Engine. I'm wondering, less if it's possible as whether that's cutting a steak having a screwdriver. I see a method to get it done in Django which has a bad design smell.

Does moving a literature site that's largely static HTML from Apache to Google Application Engine seem sensible? I am not particularly requesting an evaluation to Nginx or Cherokee I'm thinking about whether moving from the traditional web hosting solution to some more cloudy kind of solution suggests itself.

The website is JonathansCorner.com, and it is presently not available ("the miracle blue smoke has steered clear of").

Yes, this is a perfectly legitimate utilization of Application Engine. Simply upload your articles by having an application.yaml (or appengine-web.xml, based on your chosen flavor) that serves some or all the site as static.