Does NHibernate support mapping of SQL Sights? Any good examples could be useful.

Yes, only use your view title rather than the table title inside your mapping config. Obviously it'll throw the best by trying to update though.


<class name="someclass" table="vw_someview">

Yes. You are able to update or place to sights in SQL Server if certain the weather is met, begin to see the Updateable Views section within the documentation. I understand this is applicable to SQL Server 2005+, I'm not sure about earlier versions.

When the view isn't updateable, you are able to declare the mapping as read-only.

The easy response is: Yes.

Just place your view's title within the places where normally in most the good examples is written a table title. There you have it. Sights and tables are interchangeable - as lengthy because the view is writeable without constraints...