When the framework is persistence agnostic, can my unit tests create a file system version from the persistance store underneath my entity model?

I'm going to be while using model first options that come with entity framework within the GUI without a doubt since it is too simple for my devs to create schema changes and DAL layer synchronized.

Has anybody attempted while using model first approach and adding persistence lack of knowledge?

I believe this is my ideal modelling world. I personally use LINQ2SQL atm and it is a little tricky to swap the data store yet come with an instantly wealthy data tier that does not hide behind some business line IDataContext connects.

If I can tell some situations of the working, Let me invest additional time later on to do this out.

Just an update, it has now transformed by Entity Framework 4. which assists Persistence Ignorance.

Entity Framework does not have true persistence lack of knowledge. That's among the greatest criticisms (i.e. a forced base class, plenty of EF ties, etc). LINQ-to-SQL can have persistence lack of knowledge, but actually people often make use of the lazy loading and credited approach, meaning still it does not have persistence ignoance.

Re being persistence agnostic - it (EF) would still require a provider. Sure, if you wish to write an EF provider that foretells the file system, proceed! It might be a lot of labor though. It might be simpler to utilize a SQL Express database (flat file) etc.