I've a web-based store dealing with osCommerce, really works fine. But there's no integration using the store blog that is in Wordpress fortunatelly.

Now I have seen a brand new payment wordpress plugin for wordpress known as Wordpress-Ecommerce , and so i made the decision emigrate the entire store to wordpress since this is often treated just like a Content management systems. This wordpress plugin has truly handy features like Meta Tag qualities for every product to be able to do Search engine optimization position for that store. I have been reading through about wordpress-ecommerce and looking out with the web to locate a opportunity to integrate it with LinkPoint, that is my client's store gateway. I have to admit it is really an imperative requirement I must do to be able to migrate the entire site to Wordpress

Has anybody make this a reality ? get wordpress dealing with LinkPoint ?

Appears like it presently only supports Authorize.Net. You might want to take a look at Shopp. The Linkpoint plug-was not free but it's available.