i have just added a b record for any domain to suggest for an ip relevant to a different website which resides within different domain - i own both domain names and website.

the An archive works for the reason that basically go into the domain it is going towards the correct ip - in safari and IE a dialog box appears asking to go in username/password (particularly in safari it states "To see this site, you have to sign in to area X for site X:80") and tthere shouldn't be logon - should you cancel you do not begin to see the website so that as i've no logon i can not begin to see the website.

basically go into the websites original domain there's no prompt and works fine - basically go into the ip directly within the browser additionally, it requests login.

the web site (static pages) is located by fasthosts and does not have the symptoms of any security configurations around it or that may be set.

anybody know why one domain works and also the other domain and ip lead to logon dialog ?

thanks adam

Your condition isn't associated with DNS, but instead to web server configuration. Particularly to configuration of title-based virtual hosting.