I lately bought a website title from znetindia. Now I haven't any Server Host, where I'm able to place my Static HTML file, and so i placed them in public folder of Dropbox.

Due to this If only to suggest my recently raised domain title to some lengthy file path supplied by dropbox public URL like:


And That I have following options during my domain title page where I introduced it: enter image description here

DNS is only going to permit you to specify another hostname or Ip for the domain title you can't use DNS to specify another URL. (DNS can be used for searches for smtp, imap, ftp, sftp, ssh, telnet, imap, sip, dns, dhcp, irc, xmpp, nfs, cifs, etc. -- far not only web browsing.)

Many registrars / hosting companies will operate a web server on the host for you personally that may immediately problem an HTTP 301 response for an Link to your selecting. My registrar, Gandi, has placed these controls within "web sending" heading. They'll operate a webserver which will react to all demands for the domain by having an appropriate HTTP redirect code for an URL of your liking.

I don't determine if ZNetIndia supplies a "web sending" option -- certainly none is seen within the screenshot you incorporated, but that is not an unexpected, because controlling DNS differs from controlling web sending demands. When they don't provide web sending being an option, then you can definitely obtain a super-cheap webhost that may either perform redirects as you want, or supply you directly with hosting.