This really is rather hard to explain so please bear beside me.

We are hosting 4 websites on our server and also the plan's to possess each site sit under its very own domain:


Spot the two sub domain names!

However, our client has requested as we can use the next url structure rather than using subdomains:


Performs this seem sensible to date??? Therefore we are utilizing forward slash instead of sub domain names.

Are you able to recommend the easiest method to accomplish this please?

Thank you for any help!


Use Apache to remap the domain names. It's most likely your webserver, therefore it is most likely the solution.

The paperwork are here:

Suit your subdomain and redirect towards the appropriate folder, copying and transporting within the query string as appropriate.

JQuery most likely will not assist you to.

This can rely on your hosting situation.

In IIS you are able to setup virtual sites for this kind of behavior.

You might use JavaScript or server side redirects in sub1, sub2 etc folders.