I'm trying to produce a sitebuilder in c#/asp.internet and want some design suggestions.

Presently the concept is to possess a primary site e.g. world wide web.example.com that will hold templates for that other websites. When a client selects a template a brand new website is going to be produced for these questions new folder underneath the existing website i.e. world wide web.example.com/newSite. The brand new website is fully dynamic with multiple sections and it is own hierarchy etc. and will also be regularly up-to-date from primary site for several content sections.

The primary question I have to request is the fact that can the brand new website be utilized with a URL like world wide web.newSite.com and become completely functional while keeping the independent identity despite the fact that it's a subfolder under another website?

What I'd rather not do would be to copy the folder or create virtual sites, new websites etc. for client sites as I wish to minimize any support overhead.

Can someone suggest if this sounds like possible whatsoever or am I thinking across the wrong lines altogether?

I'm available to design suggestions at this time but would rather possess a definitive response to the primary question above.

Thanks ahead of time for your help.

Cheers, Leo