Inside my company I must perform a large amount of domain registration.

It is possible to way that i can write something inside a common web-language e.g. Ruby/Python/PHP that will let me purchase a domain title from my very own custom web-interface? Essentially I am searching for an API that will let me register domain names.

Any ideas?

Basically understand properly, you need to produce a web interface to join up domain names from a number of domain registrars?

Many of these companies have released APIs or web services to permit this use situation, so you will need to seek advice from each one of these you cope with and discover the things they offer, and just how for their services. Most offer client libraries targetting their API, in a number of languages, so the selection of development tools is going to be informed simply through the accessibility to such libs.

It is also possible, that might be plug ins for Rails or Django that'll enable you to get began - however i haven't checked.

If you're dealing direct with registries, as distinct from registrars, you might have the ability to use their EPP implementation.

Personally, i can suggest world wide They offer APIs for PHP and Ruby. With one of these APIs you can find Domain names, EMAIL HOSTING and SSL certificate. See http://world wide for additional particulars.