I would like http://mynewdomain.com to forward with hiding to http://mysecretdomain.com/mynewsite. Whenever a user types in http://mynewdomain.com/aboutus.html, he should begin to see the items in http://mysecretdomain.com/mynewsite/aboutus.html.

I don't want the general public to understand http://mysecretdomain.com.

Will the way in which I personally use sending and hiding adversely affect Search engine optimization?

By utilizing domain forward and hiding, can there be any danger of individuals becoming conscious of mysecretdomain.com? (ie. will customers uncover the connection between mynewdomain.com and mysecretdomain.com?)

Additional particulars

It's very essential that nobody uncover the http://mysecretdomain.com/mynewsite domain and directory even though it's hosting all of the content. Must i do anything whatsoever to make sure this?

Why don't you just map your secret domain towards the ~/world wide web directory in your host, and also the new domain to ~/world wide web/newdomain? Then when you attend mysecretdomain.com/newdomain/ it appears in ~/world wide web/newdomain/... precisely what you referred to, without any redirects.

Maybe I do not understand your ultimate goal here.