I added a like button to my website pages. It appears to operate, however the debugger is giving me errors. After I check out the URL within the Object Debugger it provides the error below:

Object Base Domain Not Permitted Object at URL 'http://world wide web.gdiy.com/projects/going to-paris/index.php' of type 'website' is invalid since the domain 'www.gdiy.com' isn't permitted for that specified application id '279134608772109'.

After I try adding the domain title within the facebook developer applications configurations (https://designers.facebook.com/applications/) it's not adhering.

I enter "gdiy.com" because the domain and press enter -> then save. Basically refresh the page the domain does not exist any longer.

Debugger search engines: http://designers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gdiy.com%2Fprojects%2Fvisiting-paris%2Findex.php

Wrong here? I even attempted "world wide web.gdiy.com" which did not work either. I additionally anxiously waited a few hrs prior to trying.

I had been getting exactly the same problem. I anxiously waited each day, returned, also it appeared to become fixed. I am unsure if the would be a Facebook bug they fixed, or maybe there is another thing strange happening. However, time appeared to have the desired effect this time around.