i'm using my mac laptop like a domain title server, and seeking to write bonjour plan to it. below may be the configuration file, unsure where's wrong, my service can't publish, not callback is known as: /etc/named.conf:

 options outdoors from the bonjour.example.com. zone.

  // place address(es) of the normal DNS servers or caches here.

  // On Mac OS X, you'll find the address(es) through the "scutil --dns" command.


// entry for the new zone

zone "mstrpeak.dyndns-photos.com." photos.com"


// key for upgrading our zone

//key bonjour.example.com. formula hmac-md5

//  secret "CnMMp/xdDomQZ4TelKIHeQ=="


// If you do not wish to utilize a shared secret, replace the road

// allow-update 

// with

// allow-update 

// and omit the important thing definition.

// If you want to produce a key per user, and don't wish to need to include

// the whole listing of secrets clearly within the "allow-update" declaration,

// you should use an "update-policy" declaration rather, such as this:

// update-policy 


$TTL 3600  1 hour default TTL

 Replace wab.example.com. below together with your machine's hostname

@ IN SOA mstrpeak.dyndns-photos.com. unused-email (

                                1           serial

                                10800       refresh (3 hrs)

                                3600        retry   (one hour)

                                604800      expire  (7 days)

                                60          minimum (one minute)


 Specify your server because the nameserver for the zone,

 replacing your machine's hostname.

@ IN NS mstrpeak.dyndns-photos.com.

 Specify the server which handles DNS updates for the zone,

 typically port 53 on a single server as above.

 If you are likely to be running dnsextd (see below) then your port number is usually 5352

_dns-update._udp IN SRV   53 mstrpeak.dyndns-photos.com.

 Add PTR records telling clients that they'll browse and register here

b._dns-sd._udp  IN PTR @     "b" = browse domain

lb._dns-sd._udp IN PTR @    "lb" = legacy browse domain (include domain in empty-string browses)

r._dns-sd._udp  IN PTR @     "r" = registration domain

and last is my bonjour service posting code in apple iphone:

self.netService = [[NSNetService alloc]

                       initWithDomain:@"mstrpeak.dyndns-photos.com." type:@"_chatty._tcp."

                       title:chatRoomName port:53]