I've got a relatively easy ( i believe ) question!

I'm hosting a minecraft server in your own home in a rather beefy spare PC i acquired, whenever we experience LAN we simply go into the Computers Ip and that we are all set! When someone that's this is not on our LAN and wishes to play i quickly must provide him the hubs Ip and redirect that to the overall game server, to create things simpler i made use of the hubs build-in purpose of Dynamic DNS using DYNDNS.com as my provider! this way someone can enter "kapsishomenet.ftpaccess.cc" and he'll be rerouted to my router IP and after that towards the servers LAN ip, to date so great!!

How it operates!

The default port for that server is 25565 therefore if i wish to have two servers within the same PC i have to use different ports, same goes even when host the servers on different Computers within the same LAN and also have them utilized from the web (the servers port could possibly be the same around the servers if on different Computers however the router Must listen them on different ports and redirect them correctly), for instance server1 is on Router port 25565 and server2 on Router port 25566, this means that server1 could be utilized as before "kapsishomenet.ftpaccess.cc" cause we make use of the default port and server2 could be utilized like so ""kapsishomenet.ftpaccess.cc:25566". Pretty easy although not enough!!!

Here it will get interesting!

I have to host server2 for an excellent friend, he's a really decent funnel in YouTube and that we believed that an on-line server would do great for his publicity, so neither my title (for publicity reasons) neither the main harbour ultimately (for simplicity reasons) are great enough for that goal you want to achieve! My first thought was the us dot.tk service but for whatever reason it won't link Whatsoever!! And so i really do not understand how i possibly could make use of a domain like "server.something" to link (or redirect?) to "kapsishomenet.ftpaccess.cc:25566"

Any ideas????

Thanks ahead of time!!

BTW the overall game is minecraft...

Well, you cannot redirect a port number, unless of course you'd another server to really redirect into it or else you made it happen around the router (that you simply can't, for you personally would want another router). You skill, though, is acquire some type of domain (for instance, uni.cc), place it on EveryDNS as well as other similar service, and obtain a CNAME record pointing to kapsishomenet.ftpaccess.cc. This wouldn't render you invisible, however it would a minimum of cover your title a bit (anybody who did a manual look on the domain would have the ability to determine kapsishomenet.ftpaccess.cc).

Its either that or establishing another server/checking if DynDNS will help you to use two domain names.