During my Wordpress-powered website (http://onomadesign.com/wordpress/identity-design/usx-corporation/ for instance) I would like the sidebar.php, the thumbnail navigation around the right, To not reload when individuals click another project. To ensure that they not explore navigation.

Now, I've checked out iframes, jquery snacks, 'AHAH-method', php periods.. however i aren't able to find a good way to get this done.

I'm defenitely not really a programming expert, could someone produce a simple solution with this?

Thanks ahead of time!

IFrames or AJAX would be the only two options you've. (I guess unless of course you probably did full screen expensive) Anything else will reload the page. Ahh individuals other technologies you pointed out don't address the issue of reloading the primary page (except iframes)

It is not really likely to be "straight-forward", but what you are attempting to do is not easy. I truly recommend you have a look at jQuery and how AJAX works, it's most likely the greater from the options with that said.

You will find a couple of Wordpress plug ins that make an effort to implement this functionality. I've not used any, so I am unsure when they completely avoid reloading the sidebar, but it is worth a go. One particularly that appears fairly well obtained could be http://ajaxedwp.com/ I discovered this wordpress plugin by visiting the "Add New" plug ins page within the Wordpress Admin panel and looking out for "AJAX Page Load".