I moved my 10+ rails programs to DreamHost VPS from hosting that is shared. An issue which i found could be that the default worth of PassengerMaxPoolSize is 4. That's far too small for me personally. To alter that, I must manage web server on my own.

I suppose httpd.conf may be the file that I must manage. However I do not understand some some of it. For instance, the next lines:

SetEnv dsid 19649082
SetEnv ds_id_19649082

Where will i obtain the values? For those who have knowledge about that, are you able to show me how you can manage that?



Are individuals configurations an issue? Otherwise, then you definitely most likely do not have to touch them. They are just setting environment variables that Apache modules as well as your Rails application can access.

The dsid stuff is most likely added by Dreamhost to trace which site a request is connected with.