I've installed the Boldy theme from site5 on a single of my projects and also have encounter one significant problem.

When browsing in ie (8 or lower), the very best dropdown menu will get displayed behind another elements (primary content slider, H1's etc.). I have attempted from altering all of the z-index's to fixed positions, without any luck.

You will see the issue by going to site5's Boldy demo page http://wordpress.site5.net/boldy/ and hanging outrageous menu's blog tab in IE.

I've requested site5 to consider it, they understand the problem, but have unsuccessful to locate any solutions.

I help you still havent solved this on. I discovered an answer here on the submenu - Chkredit - swiss credit website Works in most versions of IE and it is light and 100% CSS (no javascript).

Essentially the issue was that IE doesn't use z-index properly. Look into the z-index's within the CSS code. Years old will have to put a z-index -1 around the products your menu is hiding behind.

I focusing on the identical problem for my very own image gallery at this time (visit "top image" page) - jeyjoo image gallery

Ok originale solution here - Swiss credit website. This works but utilizes a complicated z-index solution. Here really is easy and enhanced solution here - Jeyjoo stock image gallery This works in IE6+, opera, opera, safari and chrome



<div id="container_page" class="container_page">
  <div id="container_header" class="container_header">
  <div id="container_body" class="container_body">
    ...body text...


#container_page #container_header {position:relative;z-index:2;}
#container_page #container_body {position:relative;}

why it really works

You need to tell IE the way the two divs connect with each other.

If I am not mistaken, IE isn't correctly getting the z-index in the top-nav for him or her li products within the menu. That's why the Photos having a z-index of 60 are covering up. That you can do a couple of things here.

  1. Get rid of the photo z-index.
  2. Directly specify a z-index of 100 for that sub list, not only the very best-nav list.

(not my script) Confident i might have discovered the response to this on here, however i cant think it is. In either case, this labored ideal for me...

$(function() {
var zIndexNumber = 1000;
$('ul').each(function() {
    $(this).css('zIndex', zIndexNumber);
    zIndexNumber -= 10;

just make certain your css includes position and z-index therefore the script can access the values.

kudos to whoever emerged with this particular - saved me a great deal of trouble.