I user drupal 7 to construct a website that customers can personalize their account page.

I quickly use pathauto to rewrite the url alias to mydrupalsite.com/user/username. what i wish to do next is:

If your user get their own domain title for example world wide web.username.com and point it to my server, how do i redirect world wide web.username.com to mydrupalsite.com/user/username. can one use WHM to get it done or i have to modify .httaccess file?


Server-side setup is essential. So setup your server to suggest all demands to the domain, to lower Drupal site. To have an example, in case your drupal website is example.com, example.internet and example.org should indicate the bottom domain. As you've cPanel, it's much like "parking" example.internet and example.org in example.com's public root.

Then, based on your need, you've 2 options. subdomain module or Domain Access module. Subdomain module is nearly to use-situation also it produces subdomains for every user also it can handle bootstrap based on asked for domain. Domain Access, is positively developing and you will make use of the (pre-release) Domain User module to assign domain names instantly. But Domain Access module itself includes many helpful sub-modules and combines with [Rules][4] module to complete the redirection.

But none of them of those are "pretty" method to do your exact usecase. You can customize the Subdomain module to meet your requirements for example integrating with WHM to produce domain parking, etc. You will find many cPanel integrations for Drupal but I'm not sure much about the subject.