For learning reasons I've installed Joomla on my small local host using XAMPP for Apache/PHP/MySQL. I've it ready to go and that i did some fundamental things by using it. Now I must install Drupal which may also be installed on the top of XAMPP. Let me run both systems on my small one home windows laptop for learning reasons. Does anybody have experience carrying this out? Any issues utilizing the same XAMPP instance? Do PHP configurations collide? Do directory structures colide....etc? I appreciate any experience.

I've magento, drupal, and wordpress all on a single machine just in various folders within my xampp/htdocs folder. Don't imagine adding joomla could be different..

Have them in different folders and employ different databases and also you will not have trouble.

Should you set them up in separated folders as well as in separated databases (just just in case, or else you can define a table prefix too), they ought to have the ability to co-exist with no problem.