I've got a couple of custom tables during my Drupal database which were produced by hand. Can there be some Drupal module to permit viewing and editing records in custom tables? Tables are pretty straight forward, no joins used.

Or it is best to build some power grid/record connects by hand in custom module?

For confirming, the suggested way will probably use Sights integration. In case your tables have primary secrets, it's rather simple of determining these to Sights by applying:

  • hook_views_api() to declare Sights integration
  • hook_views_data() to declare the tables as well as their fields, presuming they will use only simple data types

You are able to go ahead and take integration good examples in views/modules/node.views.inc and views/modules/node/*. Module TableWizard will help you with this particular.

This still will not offer you editability, though. With this, you can either build the module by yourself using Form API, or import this content of those tables as nodes, and employ drupal builtin editing around the nodes, presuming you don't mind the information finding yourself in node format next.

You may think about using both Sights and also the new Data module:

The Data module provides

    * an API for dynamically allocating tables for single-row records.
    * an API for insert/update/delete operations and describing how tables join to each other.
    * automatic views integration.
    * a way to export table definitions to code.

The included Data UI module provides

    * UI to add new database tables.
    * UI to add or alter columns to existing tables managed by Data module.
    * UI to define joins between tables.
    * UI to solve conflicts between table in database and schema information.
    * default views for tables managed by Data module.
    * UI to add existing tables that are unclaimed by other modules to Data's table management.