within the beggining i build my website - bemcapaz.internet - using blogging platforms. But after needing to hack the core and make plenty of stuff trought direct programming I made the decision to maneuver onto Drupal.

Drupal besides as being a Content management systems focused more about community websites is ideal for doing anything imaginable in a simple way, a Blog wich was things i produced.

My question now's, wich one provides the best performance? I believe drupal looks enjoy being really heavier than Wordpress consider i am not a advanced programmer I've no clue how you can evaluate wich one provides the quickest mysql demands and loading occasions from the webpages.


Drupal is certainly heavier meaning it runs more queries per page once you have personalized it. Using modules like Sights, you may also construct your own dynamic queries they are driving icons and pages. Individuals is often as fast or as slow because the underlying mixture of joins enables.

However, Drupal comes with a lot more robust caching controls. Full-page output caching for anon customers, granular caching of widget output, and granular caching associated with a data retrieved with a Sights query can all mix to assist a great deal. You will find also wordpress plugin modules like "Boost" or "Memcached" that allow you to augment that underlying cache system with materialized HTML files within the filesystem (skipping Drupal directly in support of apache), or perhaps a memcached server that stores all of the cached information in memory as opposed to the database.

If you are searching to uncover hot spots inside a Drupal site it's also wise to install the Devel module it enables you to definitely get query counts and detailed query occasions for every page on the website, and track them lower towards the module that's running them.

Haven’t heard of Drupal, however in Wordpress you are able to estimate query time with following code: Just combine it with your footer, after questions.

<?php echo get_num_queries() ?> queries. <?php timer_stop(1) ?> seconds.

I guess, performance for Content management systems is dependent on amounts and complexity of queries and caching mechanism. If you work with both of them sensibly, your speed and agility destined to be OK. I am talking about - request your database just for info you actually need )

I have heard Drupal's caching systems are super aggressive in comparison with other Content management systems systems, but I'm not sure anything concrete. Your best choice is always to perform a quick benchmark of both. Typically, whichever you make less SQL queries is faster,. Drupal should make less queries due to its utilization of caching, so my prediction is the fact that Drupal is faster, if perhaps by a little.

But honestly, I do not think it matters an excessive amount of, unless of course you are getting countless unique hits each day.