I'm using apache solr search integration on my small Drupal 6 website: govoluntourism.com. I've my search engine results designed using sights along with a search-result.tpl.php file.

The search-result.tpl.php consists of:

$nid = $result['fields']['nid']['value'];
echo views_embed_view($name = 'search', $display_id = 'default', $nid);

After I add content to my website and run cron, it appears that duplicate records are now being produced in the apache index, because I get replicates within the search engine results only from the content which was formerly indexed.

Is a server-side problem or perhaps a mistake during my configuration? Unsure what to do came from here. thanks.

the website is: govoluntourism.com

I checked out your website and also the duplicate search engine results all indicate exactly the same nodes, to ensure that means you most likely do not have actual duplicate content.

The very first factor to complete if you think your index is corrupt and also you aren't able to find the issue, is most likely to reindex all your content. It can be done by visiting this site: http://govoluntourism.com/admin/settings/apachesolr/index.

Next, you are able to choose "Remove the Index", then "Re-index All Content". What this is going to do is rebuild your whole index on your own. Observe that when you purchase "Re-Index All Content", it'll happen immediately. For those who have cron running, cron will gradually rebuild the index, that will use less assets but take considerably longer.

After you have done that you will have a better concept of what's happening.

In the event that does not work then you definitely most likely come with an problem using the search engine results theme personalization.

Perhaps you have attempted to question Solr directly? For those who have duplicate there, however , you're posting this content duplicate.