want to understand how is this implemented in Joomla. I've got a module that parse links from the Feed, Now I would like everything connect to open within an IFrame once click with a user. I believe it is possible by utilizing Javascript The main problem could be some user disabled there javascript.

It can not be done just adding a PHP line during my template, I would need to tweak the feed module to spread out in new browser. For those who have better approach please, I would like to hear.

Basicall Things I wan't is to buy the data's from an Feed and parse it, making all of the links available to an iframe each time it's being click.


Make certain you template comes with an iframe to show the hyperlink, when you output the hyperlinks, provide the a tag a "target" attribute:

<a href="<?PHP echo $someLink; ?>" target="myIframe"><?PHP echo $linkText; ?></a>

It's gonna depend the way the iframe is implemented in Joomla. Are you currently while using "wrapper" component? If that's the case you may want to hack the core files to include a name parameter when not already there.

You might try an iframe wordpress plugin such as this one which allows you add an iframe towards the content area with any parameters.

timdev is appropriate concerning the link. You have to add the prospective attribute towards the links with similar title because the iframe.